Potty Training

Potty training is a milestone that requires time and patience. Please be aware that children are required to be fully potty trained to enter our three year old program at The Growing Place Preschool. While we recognize starting school is an adjustment for children, it is difficult to keep the classroom a safe and sanitary environment when toileting accidents happen.


What does being fully potty trained mean? A child is not in pull ups or diapers. He or she recognizes and communicates the need to use the bathroom. The child is consistently using the potty and going multiple days at home without having an accident. He or she is able to attend the entire school day without having an accident. Finally, they are able to wipe themselves, flush the toilet and wash their hands once they have completed using the restroom.


As a parent, you can help by dressing your child in beltless and or elastic waist clothing. This makes it easier for your child to be successful in using the restroom.


By following these guidelines, we hope to make potty training a positive and successful experience for your child. Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted in: Growing Place FAQs

Posted in: Growing Place FAQs