Ignite At Heritage

When Is Ignite?

Ignite is our new modern service every Sunday @ 9am!

Friends + Family Day @ Ignite

Come join us at the Lighthouse on February 25th at 9AM for a special Friends + Family Day at Ignite! We’ll start the day with a morning of meaningful worship and will continue afterwards with games and a Donut Truck.

Yup, that’s right, donuts. What’s better than donuts? How about gourmet donuts from Jupiter’s? How about FREE gourmet donuts from Jupiter’s?

We hope to see you there!

Current Series

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be rolling out the vision we believe God has called us to accomplish! It’s going to be exciting because it’s going to bring clarity to why we’re really here and what we’re really called to do! If you’re new this would be a great time to come! You’ll hear the heart of not only our church but we believe God’s heart as well!

What Is Ignite?

Ignite is a new modern service designed with you in mind! It’s a very engaging service designed to help you connect to God and others in very real and practical ways. A huge focus of our modern service will be connection. We want to help you really connect first to God and also with others.

Where Is Ignite?

Heritage UMC 2680 Landmark Dr. Clearwater, FL 33761 – Our Modern Service is located in the Lighthouse Auditorium (Main room upstairs in Building D).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a nursery or childcare?

Yes, we have a wonderful children’s director and an incredible team in a state of the ark facility that is both kid friendly and safe.

Is this service for anybody?

Yes. Young or old, brand new to church or been in church all your life, you are welcome here! Wherever you are in life or your thoughts about God you are welcome here!

What should I wear?

Shorts and a t-shirt, jeans and a dress shirt, suit and tie, whatever you want to wear is welcome here! We want you to be comfortable and come as you are!

Do I need to bring a Bible to the service?

No, you don’t need to but you can if you would like to. We project the Bible verses on our main screens up front so everyone can see the relevant scripture to the message in the service.