2017 Women’s Conference Breakout Sessions

When signing up for the 2017 Women’s Conference, you will be asked to choose four Breakout Sessions. You will only have three as stated on the schedule, but in case of overflow, we ask that you choose four so that we can make sure you’re getting what you need out of the conference.  Please click on the above link, (on the schedule) to go to our registration page.

  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness: Renee Napler shares her journey to find forgiveness after her 20-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Renee’s grief was incomprehensible, but she did not want to live a life full of anger, hate and bitterness. She chose forgiveness instead, and God has blessed her with a powerful story to share.
  • Transforming Hope… A Journey to Celebration: Imagine the overwhelming emotions of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Tricia Thomas, mother of four and former Heritage member, shares her personal story of hope. For two years, Tricia and her husband Greg have been navigating this amazing journey, and Beth Masters, her “chosen family” has had the privilege of walking the journey with them. Tricia and Beth will share how God has provided a hope that has transformed their lives and the lives of those around them.
  • My Story of God’s Transforming Grace: Enormous tragedies occur on ordinary days. Jan Johnson will share about the ordinary day when her daughter suffered a near-fatal automobile accident and how God’s grace has carried the Johnson family through all the days since… days filled with uncertainty and surrender as well as days filled with celebration and rejoicing. Come hear how His grace has transformed Jan Johnson’s life and family.
  • Prayer: Based on her own personal prayer journey, Annie Stobbs will walk us through three challenging topics about prayer: Why We Pray (how prayer can be a daily vehicle for God’s grace), How to Overcome Things That Get in the Way (what should I pray and how do I keep my wandering mind on Him), and Praying with Others (the mighty power of group prayer). Come share in this session about our personal conversations with God Almighty.
  • Faith, Generation to Generation: In today’s busy world, there are so many things that vie for our attention. How can we rise above the noise of the world to keep our faith as our priority and be more intentional about passing that faith on to the next generation? Beth Masters will challenge and inspire us with fundamental strategies that will help us to leave a legacy of faith.
  • God’s Guest List: Debbie Maycomber’s book talks about the numerous people who become “influencers” in our lives. They may live next door or a continent away; they may provide good examples or bad; they may influence us by word or deed. This breakout invites you to hear about this book and to consider the various people God has not only placed in your path but has also used to help shape your life. Presented by Shirley Westrate, grateful reader.
  • Let’s Talk About Generation Z: Would you like to better understand Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2009)? Emily Felgenhauer, Direction of Youth Ministries at Hyde Park UMC, will share about this latest generation… what’s unique about them, what’s important to them, how we can best communicate with them. This breakout is designed to give us a better understanding of what makes our Gen Z children and grandchildren tick.
  • Share A Favorite Book: If you love to read, here is your chance to recommend a favorite book and to build a new Books-to-Read list based on others’ recommendations. Just come ready to talk informally for a minute or two about any book you’ve enjoyed, whether it be spine-tingling mystery, an intriguing biography or a book that has nudged you forward on your own spiritual journey. Sue Blanchard will guide this session about books that have impressed or delighted or inspired us.
  • Craft Time: Join Trina Barnes and Mary Fitzpatrick for a time of crafty transformation. You’ll take a variety of old jars, buttons, bows, flowers, ribbons and burlap and turn them into something new to treasure and enjoy for years to come.
  • Coloring Time: What used to be a quiet activity for children has not transformed into a passionate phenomenon for millions of adults! Adult coloring books are everywhere, and people are finding them to be soothing response to the high levels of stress that so many of us experience today. Grab your girlfriend and join Synthia Weclew to experience a calming hour of creative coloring.