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On the Path!

Wednesday, October 2 2019 by Eric Johnson

These are exciting times around here at Heritage UMC. Our Vision Team will be announcing our way forward for 2020 in the next few weeks, our fall festivals and craft shows are in final planning modes, and we have a revival of Discipleship in full swing!  It’s a great time to be a part of this vibrant congregation!

Stories are pouring in about how lives are being changed by our study of “A Disciples Path”. More people are in small groups this fall than have been since I’ve been on staff.  People are looking at discipleship in a whole new way. I hear people saying, “I never looked at it that way before” or “I feel so challenged to grow deeper” and “I was treading water for so long, now I can see a way forward!”

It’s not always easy to shine a light into the mirror and evaluate where we are treading water, or just getting by.  But Jesus challenges us to be true disciples, who continue to work on loving God and loving others as we center our lives on Him.  Be encouraged, we are not on this path alone. We journey with other disciples together and walk in God’s sanctifying grace.

See you on the path!

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