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How will you spend the 936 weeks you have with your children?

Monday, September 23 2019 by Janean Briseno

There are about 936 weeks from the time a child is born until they move on to the next chapter of their life. When each of my children were born, I never really thought about the number of weeks I had to intentionally parent them. In those moments, College/ life after High school seemed so far away, but now that I have 2 children who are beginning the stage of adulating and 1 child who has started her freshman year in high school, I often think to myself did I do everything I could to help them become productive adults and more importantly followers of Jesus.

As the Director of Children’s Ministry, it is our hope at Heritage to help in your parenting journey. From celebrating those treasured moments and parenting highs to walking beside you in the more difficult times when you might feel all alone. It’s our pleasure and joy to partner with you as you parent your child. Not that we have gotten everything figured out, but because we believe we are all on this journey together. There are a couple of things we have in Children’s Ministry that you may find helpful as you look for ways to engage with your child about their faith.

  • The Parent Cue app is a tool that was created by the writers of our Sunday morning curriculum that can help with conversation starters for different times of the day from first thing in the morning, while you are driving in the car or to bedtime. The great thing about the Parent Cue app is that it aligns with what your child is learning at church with tools that you can use in your everyday life.
  • My Bible Class is a class that we will be offering this October to parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents. As a church, we are continuing the tradition of giving new bibles to our 3rd grade and older students, but with a spin. In this class parents or grandparents have the opportunity to learn ideas on how to engage in faith conversations with their child/grandchild. This is also the opportunity where parents/grandparents get to personalize the Bible that will be given out to the children during our Sunday morning service.

For me, I have 196 weeks before Annelise (my youngest) heads off to college and even though some would think it’s time to panic, I’m not. I know that every week is a gift from God and every week I have left adds up. How about you? How many weeks with your child do you have left? What can we do together to leverage the opportunities we have to influence their faith and future.

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