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Baptism is an important part of our faith. It’s an act of obedience that demonstrates we have personally put our trust in Jesus. Water baptism is a public declaration of our faith in Jesus. It’s a way to tell the world that you are a Christ follower and you are beginning a new life in Christ.

Are you ready to be baptized?
Our next baptism date is June 2 at 5 PM and will be located at the North End of Honeymoon Island. You can RSVP to let us know you’ll be there below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a certain age to be baptized?
No. If you’ve made a decision to follow Jesus and you want to tell the world about it, you are more than welcome to be baptized!

What should I bring?
Please bring a change of clothes for afterward, along with a towel.

What should I wear?
A bathing suit along with a shirt would be great! Think appropriate, yet comfortable.

Who should I invite?
Everyone! Family, friends, people who are close to you! All those who you think will want to celebrate with you!

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