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A New Vision for Heritage

Tuesday, November 12 2019 by Matt Horan

If you were present for last week’s Charge Conference meeting, you helped make a decision that was over three years in the making.

After countless hours of prayer, discussion, reading, learning, writing, revising, focus-grouping, and rewriting with partners from Spiritual Leadership Incorporated, our Vision Team brought their recommendations for (1) updated language defining our mission, vision, core values, strategy, and expected outcomes; and (2) processes and procedures for developing new ministries, refining current ministries, and creating a culture of continuous improvement at Heritage United Methodist.  When the vote was called, both recommendations were approved unanimously, and Vision Team members were recognized and applauded for their years of service.

The new language defining our purpose and measures of success was visually represented in an updated model derived from an early progress report from the team that produced magnets to remind the congregation of our mission and vision.  Here’s the “new magnet”:

The process for ministry development and improvement was adopted as well.  It was shared in a presentation of “how an idea becomes a ministry.”

This process is available to anyone who has an idea for a new ministry that would help us accomplish our mission and produce the outcomes that we sense God calling us to produce as we serve our neighbors.  If you feel like you have a good idea, here’s the link to download the Ministry Action Plan (MAP) form that will help guide your planning.

It is exciting to see these newly adopted recommendations already taking root at Heritage, and to imagine what God might call us to do in the future!

Matt Horan
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