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Expansion Project Update

Wednesday, September 11 2019 by Matt Horan

A few weeks ago all of our Sunday morning services were presented with the Expansion Project as a way to improve our worship services, and each one responded!  This resulted in a generous gift of over $1,000 to get a new processional cross for the traditional service, and some of our contemporary service attenders have contributed $2,000 for updating our signage to help new guests understand how to navigate the campus better!  Thank you a zillion thank yous!

Massive kudos are due to attenders of our Ignite services, and to John Silkauskas for his vision casting and leadership!  As a result of the Expansion Project, you donated over $30,000 to update the Ignite services for those present in person and those watching on the live stream!  You funded every single improvement on the list for the Ignite service, and several others that will serve the entire campus!  They’ve been ordered and keep on arriving every day! Many, many thanks for your incredible, sacrificial generosity!

Heritage, you saw the expansion project as a way to take responsibility for making room in the church home you love, so that new guests could make it their home too. We’ll continue to update you over the next few weeks on the progress made from the generosity seen through this offering!  You saw it that way because of your belief in the power of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to gather, strengthen, and mobilize people to transform the world!  My hopefulness abounds for the impact we will have together for years to come!

Matt Horan
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