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Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1

Saturday, May 9 2020 by Matt Horan

Read today’s passage here: John 1:6-14

Whether you’re new to reading the Bible, or you’ve been reading it for years, you’ll see pretty quickly that John is different from the other Gospels.  The first three usually allow the voices in the stories speak for themselves.  The voice of theological interpretation is usually Jesus, while in John, the narrator does not hold back in sharing the narrative and the significance of it side by side.

He writes to convey the supernatural, otherworldly nature of Jesus Christ.  In this first chapter the narrating voice speaks of Jesus as a “light” and as the “Word made flesh.”  There is glory, grace, and truth before Jesus says anything.  He doesn’t hold back from telling about how remarkable Jesus is, and sets the stage for his readers to meet someone unlike any who had come before, or who would come after.

What makes the Gospel even better is that Jesus lives up to all the hype.

Learning with you,

Matt Horan
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