Pastor Matt's Bible Minute | John 1:29-34 · Heritage UMC

Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1:29-34

Monday, May 11 2020 by Matt Horan

Click here to read today’s passage: John 1:29-34

The strategy to have John the Baptist (JTB) point out Jesus in John’s Gospel seems very intentional.  In yesterday’s ‘Minute, he says he’s not the one we’ve all been waiting for.  Today, he points a finger right at Jesus and calls him out.  “That’s the guy!”

(As this is was read out loud, I can imagine author John looking over at any of JTB’s disciples in attendance wondering how the story was going over with them.)

He lays it on thick for the rest of this passage.  In verse 31, JTB says that revealing Jesus to the world was the whole point of his ministry.  In 32-34, he testifies about his own experience with Jesus, and announces that the Holy Spirit revealed him.  To end any debate, John asserts, “I have seen and I testify that this is God’s Chosen One.”

Learning with you,

Matt Horan
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