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The Expansion Project

Tuesday, August 6 2019 by Matt Horan

The Time to Expand is Now!

If we want to continue to make new disciples for the transformation of the world for years to come, we need to innovate, expand, and build.  The Expansion Project is underway to make worship at Heritage United Methodist better than ever.  Our target date to begin implementing these new possibilities is August 18th! I know we can do it, and here’s how…


For the Sanctuary/A Building (Traditional & Contemporary Services)

  • Creating a coffee and bookstore space near the sanctuary that offers books and resources, as well as Heritage UMC mugs, t-shirts, etc., along with a few places to sit and enjoy them. ($2,000)
    • New furniture
    • Video screens
    • Carpet
  • Upgrading the main sanctuary hallway so that it can be set up to prepare everyone for the sermon series they’ll be experiencing inside the sanctuary, and set up a video link so it can serve as an area where people can still see what’s happening in the worship service if they have to step out for a moment.  ($8,500)
  • Expanded and improved assistive listening device system.  ($1,200)
  • A new processional cross for the acolytes to carry.  (At the moment they are carrying a flag pole from an old United Methodist Church  flag.) $1,035.
  • Installing motorized retractable shades and colored lighting that will allow more control over the environments we can create in the sanctuary for worship services, concerts, and other special events.  This would also make it a more attractive venue for outside groups to rent. ($8,000)

For the Family Life Center (Ignite Service & Youth Group meetings)

  • Small renovations to the Family Life Center to enhance guests’ overall experience in worship.  ($1,000)
    • Cleanup and repairs to the atrium in front of the building.
    • Touch-ups and repairs inside the lobby entryway.
  • Lighting and stage design equipment to upgrade and transform the stage and bring more creative and versatile backdrops into the regular Ignite worship experience. ($1,800)
  • Touch screen TV for on-stage interactive communication that preachers or speakers can use to engage learners of all ages and types during youth group meetings and Ignite services. ($3,500)
  • A 12.9-inch iPad Pro to expand our interactive preaching capabilities and integration with our new smartphone app (coming soon!) during worship services and other special events anywhere on campus. ($1,200)

Additional Campus-Wide Enhancements

  • A kids dropoff area in the sanctuary with TVs and snacks while they wait to be escorted to the Family Life Center for children’s ministry activities.  This would allow sanctuary worship attenders to drop their kids off for children’s ministry activities nearer to the sanctuary. ($600)
  • Upgrading the Fellowship Hall to make it a more inviting space to spend time with others both during events or during free time when you’d like a place to go and hang out with free Wifi and a large projector screen for showing movies, videos, TV shows or sporting events.
  • Small mixing boards and switchers to improve the Live Streaming experience of people who watch our services online with multiple camera angles as well as improved viewing of on-screen elements.  ($5,000)

Pastor Matt’s Kids Train and other lofty hopes

A trackless train or tram-vehicle to take kids from a dropoff area in the sanctuary building to the children’s ministry area in Building D.  Train rides could become a fun new element for Sunday mornings and all other events on our campus! ($20,000)

  • A storage building to house the sets and equipment for the live Nativity, allowing us to improve and expand the current sets along the drive-thru.  ($25,000)
  • Updated and improved signage to guide people around the campus.  ($2,000)
  • Upgraded wifi all over campus for use by guests, special events, etc.  This would improve connectivity for church functions, as well as make us a more desirable venue to be rented for special events. ($2,500)

Would you prayerfully consider how you might contribute to fund one or more of these projects?  As we invest in new innovations and improvements to our campus and ministries, we’ll build the kind of excitement it takes to inspire our members and friends to invite new guests, and for those guests to want to come back again and again to be a part of the transformative, impactful community at Heritage United Methodist!

In ministry with you,


Matt Horan
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