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BigStuf 2019 Report

Monday, August 5 2019 by Jason Williams

This past week the Lighthouse had the opportunity to go to BigStuf with 27 students! BigStuf is a Middle School and High School camp located in Panama City Beach, FL. The mission of BigStuf is to inspire students to live life with Jesus. Each year, the camp has a different theme focused on reaching students exactly where they are! This year’s theme was “Well Known.” With “Well Known” Bigstuf wants to inspire students toward knowing God, themselves, and others as well! Each morning and afternoon students would attend sessions where there would be games, worship, and a message.


These main points from these sessions were:

  • We are well known by God
  • God wants to be known by you, so He reveals Himself in many ways
  • You are defined by what God says about you, not what anyone else says about you
  • Isolation + Sin = Destruction, and Sin + Accountability = Healing
  • God knows everything about you, including everything you want to hide, and He still loves you
  • If someone has defeated death, everyone needs to know

In between sessions, our students had the opportunity to hang out at the beach and spend time together!

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