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As you may know, the upper elementary grades are years of discovery and growth.  By the time your child enters third grade, he/she is usually on his/her way to becoming a proficient and independent reader.  That is why we believe third grade and beyond is an excellent time for your child to receive a new Bible. Here at Heritage, we are offering a three-session course for parents (childcare is available for your children) called My Bible. The course for parents will be held this fall from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm in the CM Auditorium.

At these three sessions, we will discuss how to…

  • Use the Bible in your own devotions and in your family devotions.
  • Understand how the Bible fits together.
  • Use the power of God’s word to direct our lives,

You will have an opportunity to present a Bible to your child in a special blessing ceremony during our Sunday morning services.

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