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Ignite is a new modern service designed with you in mind. It's a casual, inviting atmosphere with dynamic worship and a relevant message, you'll be sure to enjoy. If you're new to church or maybe it's just been a while Ignite is the service for you. We'd love for you to join us and we truly believe your entire family will love it!
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2680 Landmark Drive, Clearwater, FL (map) • 9 AM
Baggage: Traveling Light

Current Series: Baggage: Traveling Light

Baggage… We all have it! But where does it come from? From others? From things they’ve said and done? From ourselves? Choices we’ve made that we wish we could take back? Regrets repeatedly filling our thoughts? Bad memories replaying in our minds?

Regardless of where our baggage comes from a better question to ask is, “How can I let go of some of this baggage and travel light?” Or, “How can I keep things that have happened in my past from messing up my relationships in the present?” Don’t miss this new series as we explore these very real questions and discover how to get rid of our baggage and travel light!

Join us every Sunday for this four week series - Feb. 10th through March 3rd!

Where is the Service?

Ignite is located on the second floor of the Family Life Center which is located across the parking lot from the main building.

Have small children?

We have an incredible team in our Nursery and Children's Ministry. Our amazing team coupled with our beautiful facilities provide a clean, fun and safe environment where your kids will love it so much they'll beg you to come back!

Our Children's Ministry is located on the first floor of our Family Life Center so you can conveniently drop your children off downstairs and make your way upstairs for worship.

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