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Advent-ually: Experiencing the Spirit of This Season in Every Season

Current Series: Advent-ually: Experiencing the Spirit of This Season in Every Season

How many times have we told friends and family, "We should get together more often," or "Let's stay in touch," or even just "Let's get lunch sometime"? We hope to eventually have more time to connect with those we care about, but it's only during the season from Thanksgiving to Christmas--called "Advent" on the church calendar--that we seem to make it happen. Maybe we should just say that we'll make time "Advent-ually," since that's usually when we make those relationships a high enough priority to make time for them.

The season of Advent is actually the beginning of the church calendar year. What if this Advent was the beginning of a new approach, in which the relationships in your life were a high priority not just in this season, but all year around?

Where is the Service?

Our 9:00 AM Traditional service is in the Sanctuary in the main part of the Heritage campus.

Have small children?

We have an incredible team in our Nursery and Children's Ministry. Our amazing team coupled with our beautiful facilities provide a clean, fun and safe environment where your kids will love it so much they'll beg you to come back! Our Children's Ministry is located on the first floor of our Family Life Center, which is across the parking lot from the main Sanctuary.

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