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Ministry Updates for August 6, 2019

Monday, August 5 2019 by Anna Moore

Lighthouse (Students)

The Lighthouse is rounding out their summer events as the return to school approaches and one of the last things they do every year is attend BigStuf! BigStuf is a week of games, fun, worship, and relevant messages that engage our students exactly where they are! To hear a little bit more about the trip and to see photos, click here »


Two years ago, Heritage only had two types of services: Traditional and Contemporary. Both of these services were well established and Heritage was a staple on the corner of Landmark and SR580. However, we were missing the ability to reach a larger (and growing) group of people: Those without church homes or those had never been to church. Our modern service, Ignite, was born out of responsibility and calling to reach those people. Now today, two years later, we are expanding again. To find out a little bit more about how, and how you can be involved, click here »

Congregational Care

If it’s one thing that Heritage does and does well, it’s taking care of others. Our Congregational Care team tackles so many different needs across all aspects of Heritage that reaches out and lends a helping hand right when needed. These teams, however, would not be possible without our amazingly selfless volunteers. You can meet a few of them and see how they make a difference, and how you can too, by clicking here »

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