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Expansion Project Update

Wednesday, September 11 2019 by Matt Horan

A few weeks ago all of our Sunday morning services were presented with the Expansion Project as a way to improve our worship services, and each one responded!  This resulted in a generous gift of over $1,000 to get a new processional cross for the traditional service, and some of our contemporary service attenders have contributed $2,000 for updating our signage to help new guests understand how to navigate the campus better!  Thank you a zillion thank yous!

Massive kudos are due to attenders of our Ignite services, and to John Silkauskas for his vision casting and leadership!  As a result of the Expansion Project, you donated over $30,000 to update the Ignite services for those present in person and those watching on the live stream!  You funded every single improvement on the list for the Ignite service, and several others that will serve the entire campus!  They’ve been ordered and keep on arriving every day! Many, many thanks for your incredible, sacrificial generosity!

Heritage, you saw the expansion project as a way to take responsibility for making room in the church home you love, so that new guests could make it their home too. We’ll continue to update you over the next few weeks on the progress made from the generosity seen through this offering!  You saw it that way because of your belief in the power of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ to gather, strengthen, and mobilize people to transform the world!  My hopefulness abounds for the impact we will have together for years to come!

Meet Tim Lynch

Wednesday, September 11 2019 by Curtis Paige

Meet Tim Lynch. Tim has been a participant in Heritage’s GriefShare group since January of 2016. Although there are only 13 sessions in the program, Tim continues to attend, hearing something new in each session, each time he sees it. Tim has come so far in his journey of grief that he has come from a place of agony to a place of helping the others in the group as they go through that journey.

Hello, my name is Tim Lynch, and I was introduced to the GriefShare group here at Heritage United Methodist around January of 2016 about a month after the loss of my 30-year-old daughter and 5 year grandson. After their murder in December of 2015, I didn’t know how to get my life put back together and recover from the shock of their loss. Nothing I had ever been through prepared me for the level of pain I would experience during this time. This GriefShare group became a vital part of my recovery, and along with the support of my family, I started my journey to put my life back together. Week after week after week I would start putting into practice what I would learn, as I look back on the last three years plus, I would have to say that without the support of this group and my family, I don’t know where I would be today. Now I look forward to helping others in the group that are where I used to be, and giving them hope.

If you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from this group, we meet each Tuesday evening from 6:30 until around 8:00 in room B-1. For more information, please contact Curtis Paige at or 727-796-1329 ext. 147, or you can register online by clicking “Register for this group”.

Lighthouse is back to school!

Tuesday, September 10 2019 by Jason Williams

Students are back to school and student ministry gatherings are in full swing! We just finished up our series about Science and Faith. We discussed how the two are not incompatible but that science actually points to the Who behind everything – Father God.

Our Middle School Friday morning breakfast is going strong! We’ve had a good number of middle school students join us for the last couple of weeks,  and we’re excited to keep adding to their numbers! We have an awesome group of volunteers that have been helping cook breakfast each week including Jodi Gantzert, and Trent Jones! They do an amazing job making sure the students are well fed before they leave for school. If anyone has middle school students in joining us, we meet every Friday at 8 am in the Lighthouse! We then have a number of parents that drop students off at the various middle schools in the area, so you can rest assured that they will make it to school safely and on time!

We are also gearing up for the annual pumpkin patch! Sign-ups for volunteering is available online, as well as at church on Sundays! This year all the money raised goes to the general church, so like every year we encourage you to take part to help make an impact on our community and our church through this ministry!

A Disciple’s Path

Monday, September 9 2019 by Eric Johnson

Lost in the woods of Wonderland, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat.  She’s come to a fork in the path and asks, “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”  The Cat replied, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get too.” She said, “I don’t much care where.” The Cat replied, “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

If you are like me, after deciding where to go, one of the first things I do is load the destination into Google Maps.  For someone that doesn’t like to ask for directions, GPS is an invaluable tool.  And the best part, if I miss a turn, (when I miss a turn) it patiently re-routes me back on track.  It matters which way we go!

The first part of our mission statement here at Heritage is to make Disciples.  Jesus marked the destination of discipleship into the GPS of our souls.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”  (Luke 10)

“The destination for every disciple’s path is a life completely centered in loving God, and loving others, a life in which the love of God that became flesh in Jesus becomes flesh in us.” James Harnish – A Disciples Path

“A Disciples Path” gives us the road map to discipleship. The challenge is to respond to Jesus invitation to “Follow me.” You can respond by joining one of the Disciples Path small groups this fall.  You can find more information here, and signup online here:

Take your next step on the path to discipleship!

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