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Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute: Matthew 13

Thursday, June 18 2020 by Matt Horan

Parable of the Sower” should be called the “Parable of the Soils.”

We sometimes need to be reminded that the parable isn’t about the sower.  Was this a good day for sowing?  A good time?  How are sower’s sowing skills?  Is the sower too old, or too young?  Did a previous sower sow better?  Is there a better sower on a different farm?  Should the farm get a new sower?

The parable is also not about the seeds.  What kinds of seeds were they?  Have we had these seeds before, or are these some strange new seeds?  Were there enough seeds, or too many?  Are there better seeds in a different bag?  Is this the right season for these kinds of seeds?  Is there a farm where these seeds would work better?  How will the fruit from these seeds compare with the fruit from the seeds at the farm next door?

The parable is not about the birds either.  How did these birds get into the farm?  What kind of birds are they?  Who brought these birds?  What’s wrong with the scarecrow?  Why are seeds being sown in a place where birds might come by?  How can we get rid of these birds?

The parable is not about rocks.  Who put these rocks here?  Did the sower’s kids forget to clean up these rocks?  These rocks are in the wrong place.  Whose job is it to move the rocks to where they belong?

The parable is not about weeds.  Are these weeds really a problem?  What if they have flowers?  Is it even possible to have no weeds?  Weeding is exhausting.  The soil over there has way more weeds than over here.  At least the kinds of weeds we have inside the farm aren’t as bad as the ones outside–have you seen those?  Well, no, me neither–I just heard about them from the birds.

The parable is about the soil.  With apologies for spoiling the ending in case you haven’t read it–we are the soil.

So would it be worth God’s effort to sow some seeds in your direction?  If he did, would you just add them to your growing collection of seeds?  Or would something fruitful actually grow?

Learning with you,

The Coronavirus & The Flu

Sunday, May 24 2020 by Matt Horan

In the past five months, about 196,000 people died from the flu.

In the past five months, over 340,000 people died from the Coronavirus. cat=-79

Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1:35-37

Thursday, May 21 2020 by Matt Horan

Click here to read today’s passage: John 1:35-37

I really think that preachers read this passage differently than anyone else.  It’s moment in which two people hear John’s testimony about Jesus, and they go and follow him.  Becoming a follower of Jesus is pretty much universally considered a good move whenever it happens in the Bible, and the author intends as much here.

Yet I think preachers see something else.  I don’t think the author is speaking to preachers, at least not intentionally or directly, but a question comes flying off the page and hits me right in the face.

First, let’s define a couple terms.   cat=-79

Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1:29-34

Monday, May 11 2020 by Matt Horan

Click here to read today’s passage: John 1:29-34

The strategy to have John the Baptist (JTB) point out Jesus in John’s Gospel seems very intentional.  In yesterday’s ‘Minute, he says he’s not the one we’ve all been waiting for.  Today, he points a finger right at Jesus and calls him out.  “That’s the guy!” cat=-79

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