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Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1:15-28

Sunday, May 10 2020 by Matt Horan

Click here to read today’s passage: John 1:15-28

So John the Apostle (and Gospel writer) has given his preview of who you’re about to meet.  Following his preview, John the Baptist gives… another preview.

The Gospels don’t really do justice to the size of John the Baptist’s influence.  He had his own movement of disciples around the Middle East that remained loyal to him throughout the first century and perhaps into the second.  In fact, in Ephesus, the likely first audience for the Gospel of John, he had an especially loyal following.  Perhaps this is why John the author makes a point to spend his opening words telling the story of John the Baptist’s unusual refusal to take on the mantle of Messiah in favor of someone else. cat=-79

Pastor Matt responds to “What Other Questions Do you Have?” from the May 9th Congregational Survey

Sunday, May 10 2020 by Matt Horan

Who designed the questions? Why wasn’t “other” or “comments” an option such as you’ve asked a question that requires more thought than I can give to this survey. Some of your questions address “grow as you go” situations. Thus I left a lot blank.
  • The questions were written by the church staff, and they were carefully worded and designed to get data that would help measure where the congregation is at this particular moment in time on issues that will affect our return to in-person worship and other gatherings.  Survey questions that give helpful data are those that push respondents to pick the option that most closely represents them.  No two people are alike, so of course there could be other nuances to our response, but surveys are about collecting data rather than giving people the chance to talk through an issue like face mask use or socially distanced seating.  
Would HUMC consider educating people on homosexuality, common incorrect stereotypes?  So many people think homosexuals are child molesters, dirty, etc, and that’s just not true.
  • There are not many people at Heritage that I’ve met so far that have undecided views either way about LGBTQ persons, or who are open to changing their opinion based on input from someone else, whether they be a lay or staff leader of the church.  If there was interest in a gathering of people seeking to learn about the experience of LGBTQ persons, we would be glad to bring people in who could speak to that and offer helpful insights, though this is the first time I’ve had anyone raise this possibility.  If you wanted to facilitate a conversation about this, let us know and we can help you set up a video meeting, or reserve a space when in-person meetings resume.


Pastor Matt’s Bible Minute | John 1

Saturday, May 9 2020 by Matt Horan

Read today’s passage here: John 1:6-14

Whether you’re new to reading the Bible, or you’ve been reading it for years, you’ll see pretty quickly that John is different from the other Gospels.  The first three usually allow the voices in the stories speak for themselves.  The voice of theological interpretation is usually Jesus, while in John, the narrator does not hold back in sharing the narrative and the significance of it side by side. cat=-79

The Class of 2020 Heritage Parade of Graduates

Thursday, May 7 2020 by Matt Horan

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