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What Do You Think? | Judges 11:29-40

Friday, August 23 2019 by Matt Horan

Hello Heritage, and welcome to one of Matt’s least favorite places in the Bible, Judges 11.

The Spirit of Yahweh came on Jephthah.  Then he makes a vow that he’ll sacrifice whatever comes out of his front door first when he returns home as a burnt offering if Yahweh will give him victory over the Ammonites.  Was the presence of the Spirit of Yahweh not enough to give him confidence in the victory?

Well, Yahweh delivers the Ammonites into the hand of Jephthah, and he is victorious.  Then he goes home and his daughter–his only child–is the first thing to walk out and meet him!

He lets her go for a while to have time to spend with her friends before he fulfills his vow.  

The Old Testament repeatedly calls human sacrifice abhorrent.  When Abraham is about to sacrifice Isaac, God stops him. Why not Jephthah?

This is a tough one.  Feels like a good place for our next “What do you think?” conversation!  Comment below and lets compare notes!

Learning with you,

Matt Horan
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